Birmingham Urgent Care – On Qualities Of A Good Urgent Care Facility

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There are so many people raving about the convenience of Birmingham urgent care that we are tempted to just rush to the nearest one at the hint of medical conditions that don’t endanger your life.  But urgent care facilities are not all equal in terms of convenience, affordability and service.  Most provide excellent value for money, and that may prod us to better define the level of service we expect from urgent care facilities.

Here is a list of qualities I would expect the urgent care facility I entrust my medical requirements to have:

a)       The first thing I expect of a good urgent care center is a staff of professionals who have built a solid reputation for providing urgent medical care.  I would check internet comments and do a personal visit just to be sure.

b)       A good urgent care facility will be equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and have a medical laboratory onsite to handle the usual x-rays and lab tests.  I would not want to be shuttling from one facility to the other just to get x-rays and simple lab tests done.

c)       I would expect them to provide prompt service at the national average of just fifteen minutes of waiting time to see a doctor.  This is the very minimum; the shorter the wait the better.

d)       I would expect the urgent care facility to be open on extended hours and every day of the week. Ideally, I would consider 8 hours per day seven days per week a minimum, so I can schedule treatments on weekends.  And for really urgent care, I would keep details of a couple of Birmingham 24 hour urgent care clinics handy.

e)       An ideal urgent care Birmingham AL facility would be located near my home or place of work and have ample parking space.

f)         A good urgent care facility will inspire confidence in their professional competence.  It would help if they are affiliated with professional organizations such as the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine.

Knowing the qualities of a good urgent care center in Birmingham AL, and keeping the details of at least one handy will ensure you get the immediate medical care when you need it.  Find one now.