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There used to be a time when it was so easy to spot someone wearing a wig or toupee. If one’s eyesight is so poor that he could not discern which person was wearing a toupee, a small gust of wind will do it for him; either the wig gets blown off the head or the artificial hairpiece remains stiff and unmoving despite the gust. Bald people then felt that wearing an uncomfortable wig that looked so obviously artificial can provoke more jokes than baring one’s scalp.

Then business people realized that there was a pot of money to be made if they can just provide what many bald people want: sensible ways of hair replacement. First they had to define what qualities are needed to produce a sensible hair replacement.

It had to be comfortable. They knew that the early wigs were uncomfortable so they sought ways to improve the level of comfort of new hair pieces. They experimented on using many new materials for the base of the hairpieces and found that mesh types provide the most comfort. The mesh allowed air to pass through the scalp, reducing heat and allowing sweat to flow naturally.

It had to be undetectable. The worst hairpieces are the ones that can easily be distinguished from natural hair. People wanted hairpieces to be a replacement of their natural hair and would not be satisfied with cheap substitutes that easily stand out as fake. Toronto Hair Replacement companies use high quality human hair in their natural color, then styles them to suit the original hair of the wearer.

It had to stay securely fastened to the scalp of the wearer. Hair replacement companies developed advanced fastening techniques including the use of clips, inter weaving with normal hair, double sided tape and liquid adhesives. All offer a more secure grip and some, as in the case of liquid adhesives, will stay on for weeks even under wet conditions.

Toronto’s best Hair Replacement specialists are now able to offer lots of non-surgical methods of hair replacement that users will deem sensible enough to consider purchasing and wearing. As the demand for non surgical hair replacement procedures increased, the resulting completion among providers lowered hair replacement cost. The lower cost, in turn made non-surgical hair replacement systems affordable to a wider segment of the market, thus further increasing sales.

There are also surgical methods of hair replacement, but very few people avail of them. The procedure is very expensive and applicable only to people who have not lost all of their hair. It is more of a redistribution of existing hair rather than a real replacement. Significant cover of affected bald spots take a few months to a year to be visible, and few people want to wait that long. Only qualified surgeons such as members of organizations like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery should undertake surgical hair transplants.

It is quite easy to find professional salons which offer an estimate of hair replacement cost and free consultation. It is through these professionals that bald people will find the most efficient solution to their hair replacement problems.